MSc Dissertation: Wayne Smith


Adobe-PDF-downloadSmith, Wayne Anthony. Commissioning a 400 Hz Rotary Inverter. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2009.



This dissertation covers the commissioning and testing of an aircraft’s constant frequency alternator as the power supply for the Blue Parrot radar. The Blue Parrot is an X-band radar which forms part of the navigation and weapon-aiming system onboard the Buccaneer S-50 SAAF aircraft. The radar set uses a source of three-phase power at 400 Hz, which the constant frequency alternator can supply with the aid of certain auxiliary systems. The auxiliary systems include a prime mover, blower fan and a telemetering system. The prime mover has high starting currents which were reduced significantly by the use of a soft-starter. During testing, the constant frequency alternator started overheating and a blower fan was selected based on its thermal requirements. Significant cooling of the constant frequency alternator’s case temperature was achieved by the use of a blower fan and shroud. The generator control unit monitors and regulates all parameters on the unit except for case temperature and blower fan pressure. A telemetering system was designed and built to monitor and display these parameters.



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