MSc Dissertation: Titus Oyedokun


Adobe-PDF-downloadOyedokun, Titus Oluwale Sea Clutter Simulation. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2012.



This dissertation presents the results of a study, the aim of which was the prediction of sea clutter characteristics including the temporal properties of the return signals as observed by a maritime surveillance radar system.

The compound K distribution model used to generate clutter amplitude statistic enables the simulation of sea clutter with a good level of approximation to real radar data and this model forms the basis for the simulation of sea clutter amplitude statistic in this dissertation.

Using this distribution, a sea clutter simulator is designed to generate correlated K distributed random variates from a predefined correlation function using the method by Ward and Tough. Results from the sea clutter simulator shows that the simulated correlated random variates fits the theoretical K distribution PDF.

Experimental sea clutter measurements were carried out using an experimental netted radar system. This was done at Scarborough Cape Town. Result obtained from the monostatic node is presented. This shows the amplitude statistics of the clutter as well as the temporal variation of the Doppler spectrum. Conclusions are drawn based on this results and suggestions made for further work.



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