MSc Dissertation: Teboho Nyareli


Adobe-PDF-downloadNyareli, Teboho N. Development of a Cable Odometer with a Network Interface. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2003.



The dissertation involves the design of a Cable Odometer that determines the position, direction and speed of a Radar as it surveys the subsurface. The Radar moves horizontally across the surface or up and down a borehole.

The distance moved by the Radar as it surveys the subsurface is determined from the rotations of a wheel, over which a cable passes. The Radar is attached to this cable. Information on the distance moved is collected by Odometer and used for further analysis on the Radar data.

The user requirement states that in some cases data collected by Odometer is used when triggering Radar directly to make surveys at fixed interval. In other cases the Radar operates autonomously. For the latter case the data collected by both Radar and Odometer is related by a time-stamp.

The Odometer is controlled on a web page. Depending on the mode of operation chosen the user can transfer the time-stamped data to remote data storage via a network or store it on board (i.e. in Dataflash) for later downloading.



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