MSc Dissertation: Stacey Rutendo Rukezo


Adobe-PDF-downloadRukezo, Stacey Rutendo. Design of an L Band Radar Sensor. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2013.



This dissertation describes the examination of a SAR transceiver, as a prototype L band sensor, to be used in a software defined radar system. This examination includes the evaluation, testing and recommissioning the available hardware.

Tests on various subsystems which make up the sensor are carried out and described in detail. The results from the various tests show that the hardware performs close to expectations and is suitable for the prototype sensor. With a few improvements which are suggested in the dissertation, the sensor may operate even closer to its design specifications.

Design improvements, particularly the addition of an amplification stage to the transmitter and rearranging receiver components are suggested. Improvements to supporting subsystems are also suggested. A study of the performance of the sensor, with an added power amplification stage, is carried out to give an indication of the range capabilities of the radar sensor under various conditions.

Finally, a discussion of future work as well as recommended applications is presented.



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