MSc Dissertation: Oladipo Fadiran


Adobe-PDF-downloadFadiran, Oladipo O. Design and Implementation of a Parallel Registration Algorithm for SAR Images. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2001.



Registration of two or more images of the same scene is an important step in image processing that seeks to extract information not obtainable from one of the images in question. This process is required in many Engineering, Scientific and Medical applications. The accuracy of this step is crucial to the reliability of subsequent image processing and or decisions made on its basis. The huge size of the data to be processed, the speed at which the processing is required and the accuracy requirements necessitates a quick, efficient, robust and in some respects automatic program which efficiently harnesses available computing resources. This is the object of this project – the design of an image registration algorithm with a bias for SAR/InSAR applications but also applicable for other registration purposes, implemented on a parallel cluster of computing nodes.



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