MSc Dissertation: Gordon Inggs


Adobe-PDF-downloadInggs, Gordon Eric. Putting the Pieces Together: The Systematic Development of a Software Defined Radio Toolflow for the Rhino Project. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2011.



This dissertation is concerned with the thesis that it is possible for a software defined radio system that has been described in accordance with synchronous dataflow theory to be implemented upon a reconfigurable computing platform. This thesis is addressed by considering the systematic development of a software defined radio toolflow for the Rhino System, a set of tools that allows end-users to define such software defined radio systems for the Rhino reconfigurable computing platform.

The development process begins by considering the problem posed by such a toolflow, and the context of such a problem. Relevant topics in systematic development and software defined radio utilising reconfigurable computing are then considered. That systems analysis theory is then applied to the Rhino System development process to derive the specification for a software defined radio toolflow for the Rhino context, which is comprises a subsystem of the Rhino System. In response to this specification, and considering the relevant software defined radio work, a software defined radio toolflow is conceptualised and a development model outlined.

This development model requires the development and implementation of two software defined radio prototype systems, a low pass filter and discrete Fourier transform, as vehicles for the development of the toolflow. It concludes by considering the nature of the fulfilment of the specification, and implications for Systems Engineering, Software Defined Radio and the Rhino project.


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