MSc Dissertation: Bruce Raw


Adobe-PDF-downloadRaw, Bruce. The Design and Development of a Pulsed Radar Block for the Rhino Platform. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2012.



The Reconfigurable Hardware Interface for computiNg and radiO (Rhino) Platform is an FPGA based computing platform designed at the University of Cape Town to provide an FPGA resource that is both affordable and easy to learn and use in research and skills development in the areas of Software Designed Radio, Radio Astronomy and Cognitive Radio.

A framework comprising reusable radar processing modules (referred to in this text as “Radar Blocks”) has been implemented on the Rhino and allows users to control simple pulse radar. The pulse radar application is implemented on the FPGA using the radar blocks framework which allows each block to be configured from the ARM processor to adapt settings during experiments. This project developed blocks for the communications bus, Gigabit Ethernet and simple pulse radar.



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