MSc Dissertation: Adam Isaacson


Adobe-PDF-downloadIsaacson, Adam Rhett. A 500 kHz to 5 MHz Stepped Frequency Borehole Tomographic Imaging System. MSc Dissertation. Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2002.



The aim of this thesis is the design integration and testing of a bistatic stepped frequency radar covering the band 500kHz to 5 MHz. Some results are given from the simulation of tomography exploiting phase information that would be available from such a system.

Professor Iain Mason, of the University of Sydney, De Beers, and Reutech Radar Systems sponsored the Radar Remote Sensing Group at UCT to develop a prototype, CW Stepped Frequency Borehole Tomographic Imaging System, proposed by Dr Alan Langman of the University of Cape Town. The system is to demonstrate that a coherent system can be achieved using DDS technology.

This dissertation involves a study of Cross-Borehole Tomography. The mathematical physical models of the Radon Transform are reviewed. The entire Cross-Borehole Tomographic process is simulated, based on these physical models of the Radon Transform. The system specifications for the final design are based on the results from the simulation. Finally, the final design is built, and tested.

The phase yields a better quality of image reconstruction when compared to amplitude, and hence a coherent system is a good choice. The system is frequency to frequency coherent for the entire transmit frequency range, which satisfies the main aim of this dissertation.



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