Postdoctoral fellowships available for SKA South Africa in 2017

The South African SKA Project invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for five postdoctoral fellowships.


Closing Date

The closing date for applications: 31 August 2016.


Areas of Research

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The South African SKA Project (SKA SA) postdoctoral fellowship programme supports research that is relevant to the scientific and technical goals of the organization.

For the next round of fellowships SKA SA will consider applications that propose research in the following areas:

  1. Radio Pulsar and Fast-Transient science, instrumentation and data analysis (including real-time RFI detection).
  2. Real-time Signal Processing instrumentation for Radio Astronomy, specifically using FPGA and GPU platforms.
  3. Big Data topics, including the development of hardware (e.g. Micro-servers and data storage solutions).
  4. Instrumentation and data analysis for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) detection, analysis and archival.
  5. Science topics that involve the exploitation of MeerKAT capabilities projected as of late 2017 (“Array Release 3”), including those linked to MeerKAT Large Survey Projects.
  6. Epoch of Reionization and Intensity Mapping data reduction and analysis.
  7. Interferometric Data Processing and Analysis, including calibration and imaging.
  8. C-BASS data processing and analysis.
  9. Mid-frequency Aperture Array technologies.
  10. Wide-band single-pixel receivers.


Value of Fellowships

SKA SA postdoctoral fellowships are awarded for a period of two years in the first instance, and may be extended to a third year if agreed to by the host university, the postdoctoral fellow and SKA SA. The current value of a postdoctoral fellowship is ZAR 330,000 per annum (non-taxable), and this amount is supplemented by  travel and equipment grants. (Note: the current value of the postdoctoral fellowship may be adjusted to account for annual inflation increases.)


Additional Notes

Please note:

  1. Applicants should have been active in research since obtaining their Doctoral degree. In the case of a break in research, an applicant must have obtained their Doctoral degree on, or after, 28 February 2013.
  2. The fellowships are only tenable at South African universities.
  3. Successful applicants must be able to commence with their postdoctoral fellowship in South Africa on, or before, 31 March 2018.
  4. There is no relocation grant for postdoctoral fellows.
  5. All applications must be endorsed by the host / supervisor at the university where the fellowship will be undertaken. A list of supervisors who have indicated that they are willing to host SKA SA postdoctoral fellows is provided in the table below. Applicants are encouraged to investigate the research specializations of the individual hosts and institutions to inform their choices, and match their own strengths and interests.


Contact Details

Application forms are available at:

Queries may be directed to lgura [at]